A Unique List of Card Games Available in India

Indians have always enjoyed playing cards and have never missed a chance to do so on various occasions. Card games have a long history; the oldest one was named ganjifa and was played in India in the 16th century. The deck of cards used to play cards in the royal Indian courts was constructed of ivory and adorned with precious stones.

Even though card games have evolved over the years and adopted new names and formats, the history of playing cards endures. In India nowadays, various card games are played offline and online at different times. Everyone, from kids to adults, must have participated in at least one of these well-liked games. Nowadays, many of these games can be played for free or money online, which has proven helpful throughout the pandemic. Here is a collection of card games that have endured through the years and are still played widely in India.

India’s most popular card games

Rules for Rummy

Rummy, also known as Indian Rummy or 13 Card Rummy, is undoubtedly one of India’s most well-liked card games and has been handed down over the years. The perfect game to assess your strategic and analytical abilities is rummy. On 2-player and 6-player tables, the game is played by two to six participants. Online rummy is quite well-liked by people of all ages. On MPL, you may also play rummy online.


The game’s goal is to combine/group all cards into legitimate sequences and sets and then declare. The player must create at least two lines, including one pure series, to declare.

Each player receives 13 cards as the game begins from the dealer. The players sort the cards before starting to combine them. Draw and discard piles are on the table. To collect the necessary cards for sets and sequences, you can choose a card from each bank and discard one card from the discard pile. The first person wins the game to make a legally binding proclamation.

Young Patti

The famous Indian card game Teen Patti was adapted from the British 3-card brag. With a regular deck sans a joker, three to six players can participate in Teen Patti.


Making a wager on who has the best hand is the game’s goal. By deciding whether to play as a blind or a seen player, the players can choose how the game will go. Each player receives a card at the beginning of the game, leaving them with three total. Before a round begins, a minimum bet is established, and players deposit their minimal chances into a pot in the center of the table.

Without looking at them, the Blind Player has dealt his cards face-down onto the playing surface. He must make a wager at least as much as the existing stake but at most double that amount. The stake must be at least twice the current wager but at most four times before the Seen Player can examine his cards. To win, you must play the longest and have the best hand. Numerous Indian online casinos provide the popular online version of Teen Patti.